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a photographic travel guide to Italy


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all photography © jane gifford 2014

because nothing tells you as much about a place as fabulous pictures

I have been fortunate to have travelled the world and had the opportunity to meet and learn from a huge variety of places and people. I hope you will want to join me on my travels in Italy and share my experience of the wonderful world of Italian food, wine and hospitality

join me on my travels in italy 

buon viaggio!

jane gifford

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Meanwhile why not download a PDF or two? Read my magazine articles to get you in a travelling mood and whet your appetite for some exclusive Italian gourmet travel

Venice   .  Ravello  .  Verona  .  Malcesine  .  Padua  .  Amalfi Coast  .

Riva, Arco & Torbole  .  Euganean Hills  .  Dolomites



a message to you from jane ....... 

after more than 20 years of travelling the world with a medium format camera, a huge tripod and hundreds of rolls of film, being launched into this digital world has been an enormous task of relearning my profession

tackling website design and building is the latest skill I'm trying to get my head round. It's takes so much longer than I ever imagined- apologies for all short-comings. there are many.

who is jane gifford? 

Fabio Capello & Jane Gifford, Harrod's Veneto Promotion,  November 2009 

professor david bellamy & the international kodak calendar

Jane Gifford was invited to design and photograph the International Kodak Calendar in 1994 after co-authoring and photographing a book with Professor David Bellamy called Wilderness Britain - a greenprint for the future

They wanted to call it Wilderness Britain - a man-made landscape because the paradox was relevant but objections from feminists in the publisher's office prevented this

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magazines and books

Jane Gifford has written and photographed hundreds of magazine features for the national glossies specialising in travel, natural history, the environment and garden photography

Her work is featured in publications like The English Garden; World Magazine; House & Garden; Homes & Gardens; Country Living; Country Life; France Magazine; Itallia! Magazine and loads more besides 

She was invited to exhibit her work at The Royal Photographic Society and has worked with Professor James Lovelock and colleagues researching his Gaia Hypothesis, as well as David Puttnam.


the celtic wisdom of trees

Jane Gifford's most recent book The Celtic Wisdom of Trees - mysteries, magic and medicine was first published in the UK and USA in 2000

The hardbacks and 3 runs of UK paperback have currently sold out. 

In the States the book is called The Wisdom of Trees . Only the name is different from the UK book. Inside it is identical.

You can buy The Wisdom of Trees from The Book Depository in the UK

Amazon shows the cover of the 2001 US paperback. It should show the 2006 cover of  The Wisdom of Trees - mysteries, magic and medicine

You can now buy the latest US paperback  The Wisdom of Trees on UK Amazon as well.

The Japanese hardback and paperback came out 2003. The Japanese paperback is doing well.

The book was translated into German 2007 (Die Magie der Baume)

some other things jane can do

Jane Gifford speaks Italian, French and German. She taught Geman and French to A level and Remedial English at a North London Comprehensive. She also taught English at a German grammar school near Stuttgart. She has a degree in Comparative Politics and German from Manchester University and a post graduate degree in Modern Language Teaching from London University

She has worked with a team of scientists travelling the world for the United Nations University, translating scientific papers from German in to English for publication. She once wanted to be a bass player and singer. Or maybe a marine biologis, before life took her off in another direction.

jane gifford's italian gourmet travel

Your exclusive photographic travel guide to Italy


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 © Jane Gifford 2014

 Padua (above)
© Jane Gifford 2014

Amalfi & the Coast Road , Campania
© Jane Gifford 2014
 Fishermen's Cottages, Burano, Venice Lagoon
© Jane Gifford 2014
Brenta Dolomites , Bocca di Tuckett, Trentino
© Jane Gifford 2014
La Montecchia, Euganean Hills, Veneto
© Jane Gifford 2014

Piedmont , Slow Food
© Jane Gifford 2014

Venice, St. Mark's Square by Night
© Jane Gifford 2014

Piazza di San Prospero, Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna
© Jane Gifford 2014

    Carneval Masks , Venice
© Jane Gifford 2014

Storm over Sorrento, Campania
© Jane Gifford 2014

Grand Canal , Venice
© Jane Gifford 2014

Val di Sole, Die Alpenrose, Snow, Trentino
© Jane Gifford 2014
Castello di Lispida, Euganean Hills
© Jane Gifford 2014
 Venice, 'The Ghost House',  Grand Canal
© Jane Gifford 2014

Charity Ball at Rivalta Castle, Emilia Romagna
© Jane Gifford 2014

Arco Castle, Trentino
 © Jane Gifford 2014

St. Mark's,  Venice
© Jane Gifford 2014

The Arsenale by Night, Venice
© Jane Gifford 2014

 Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Amalfi Coast
© Jane Gifford 2014


The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
UK hardback 2000 


The Wisdom of Trees 
US hardback 2000  


The Wisdom of Trees
US paperback 2001


The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
Japanese hardback 2003


The Celtic Wisdom of Trees
Japanese paperback 2003


The Magic of Trees
German hardback 2007